Angela Ruggiero

When I’m training and feeling the pressure, I always remind myself that I’m exactly where I want to be; enjoying myself and doing the sport I love.”

Community Ties

International Olympic Committee

Angela was elected to the IOC Athlete’s Commission at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. She is currently serving an eight-year term as an IOC Member, and a member of the Athlete’s Commission, Entourage Commission, and 2018 Evaluation Commission. The IOC acts as a catalyst for collaboration between all parties of the Olympic family, from the National Olympic Committees (NOCs), the International Sports Federations (IFs), the athletes, the Organizing Committees for the Olympic Games (OCOGs), to the TOP partners, broadcast partners, and United Nations agencies. The IOC ensures the regular celebration of the Olympic Games, supports all affiliated member organizations of the Olympic Movement, and strongly encourages, by appropriate means, the promotion of the Olympic values.

The athletes have their own Commission, the IOC Athletes’ Commission, created in 1981 by then-IOC President, Juan Antonio Samaranch. The role of the Athletes‘ Commission is to make sure that the athletes’ interests are protected. The Commission, which meets once or twice a year, represents athletes within the Olympic Movement and also upholds the rights and obligations of the athletes. Members of the Athletes’ Commission are involved in the IOC’s main commissions and working groups. Every two years the Commission also organises an Athletes’ Forum where athletes from around the world and representatives of the International Federations of Olympic sports and the five Continental Associations of National Olympic Committees meet to discuss topics of direct concern to them.
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United States Olympic Committee

Angela is also a United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Board member. The USOC’s mission is to support US Olympic and Paralympic athletes in achieving sustained competitive excellence and to preserve the Olympic ideals, and thereby inspire all Americans. The USOC is one of America’s premier sports organizations, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo. The vision of the USOC is to enable America’s athletes to realize their dreams.The USOC is recognized by the IOC as the sole entity in the United States whose mission involves training, entering and underwriting the full expenses for the US teams in the Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American and Parapan American Games. The U.S. Olympic Committee also oversees the process by which U.S. cities seek to be selected as a Candidate City to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games, winter or summer, or the Pan American Games. In addition, the USOC approves the U.S. trial sites for the Olympic, Paralympic and Pan American Games team selections.
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World Anti-Doping Agency

Angela sits on the Board of Directors of the World Anti-Doping Agency. The World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) mission is to promote, coordinate and monitor the fight against doping in sport in all its forms.

WADA was established in 1999 as an international independent agency composed and funded equally by the sport movement and governments of the world. Its key activities include scientific research, education, development of anti-doping capacities, and monitoring of the World Anti-Doping Code – the document harmonizing anti-doping policies in all sports and all countries.

WADA works towards a vision of the world that values and fosters a doping-free culture in sport.
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Women’s sports foundation

Since 2009, Angela has been a Trustee for the Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF). She is also on the Athlete’s Advisory Board for the WSF. “Founded in 1974 by Billie Jean King, the Women’s Sports Foundation is a national charitable educational organization dedicated to advancing the lives of girls and women through physical activity. [They] are the only national organization promoting all sports and physical activities for women of all ages and skill levels and are acknowledged by the media as the expert resource on all women’s sports issues.”
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Right to play

Right To Play is an athlete-driven international humanitarian organization whose mission is to use sport and play as a tool for development of children and youth in the most disadvantaged areas of the world.

A team of top athletes from more than 40 countries, including Angela Ruggiero, support Right to Play. As role models, these athletes inspire children and raise awareness about Right To Play internationally.
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Charles B. Wang Ice Hockey Project Hope

Angela is the former director of The New York Islander’s Charles B. Wang Ice Hockey Project Hope. This is a multi-faceted educational initiative with objectives to develop youth hockey in the United States and China, provide young Chinese athletes with access to valuable educational opportunities, and to create a genuine cultural exchange.

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Live the Dream!

In an effort to provide young hockey players with quality resources, Angela recommends Live the Dream!. Live the Dream! is a “women’s hockey website for young women, novices and veterans of this wonderful sport. Live the Dream! provides what [Angela] feels is a much needed information resource and forum for all who are interested in participating in the sport at the high school, university and professional level, and for those who are doing it now, or have enjoyed it in the past.”
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